Clear cut.

Significant time savings on cutting and trimming allow you to profit from the many features and benefits: Available for sizes of 115 cm and wider, the Senator TrimmMaster can be programmed for fully automatic cutting and waste removal. The results: an immense improvement in cutting productivity.
Suited for all paper sizes
Large opening along the entire cutting width.
The TrimmMaster is operated using the Senator’s touchscreen controls.
Fully automatic waste removal, clear working area without cumbersome waste bins.

Free-standing conveyor belts under the front table for transporting trimmings to large waste bins, floor chute or suction removal device. 
The TrimmMaster system is available as an optional extra for Senator S-Line models 115 to 185. The main enhancement of the system is the operation of the pull-out table made of VA stainless steel front table. When activated, a full width opening between this table and the cut line extracts the waste down a metal chute and into a container or conveyor belt for disposal. A retractable, transparent plexiglass plate automatically comes down in front of the VA stainless steel table to prevent any trimmings from landing on the front table. 

Thanks to the Schneider Senator modern coloured CT-control with touchscreen, the intermediate cuts (including waste disposal) can be completed in a fully automatic manner.