Precise counting. 

For the calculation of the respective single sheet weight a counted number of sheets is placed at the reference scale. The number of sheets in entered at the control element. 

The processor compares these details with the total paper weight of the sheets placed at the jogger (calculated by load cells) and calculates precisely 
the number of sheets. Normally, the accuracy 
is approximately +/- 1 sheet at 1000 sheets.  
Sheet Counter Scale 
Loading platform (W 2) 
Installation under the jogger for retaining the load cells. 

Reference scale (W 1) 
installed at the post besides the jogger. Takes the reference weight of 5 to 10 sheets, depending on the grammage. 

ITS load terminal 
with LC-display, shows the number of sheets. Accuracy +/- 1 sheets at 1000 sheets, printer port as option.
The scale result is printed and documented. Various further information can also 
be issued.